John P. Baugues Jr.'s Bull Mountain investment a bellwether for Montana coal

John P. Baugues, Jr. is no stranger to coal mining in Montana. John Baugues' decade-long involvement with the Signal Peak coal mine, known formerly as Bull Mountain, points to an understanding of the rich mining environment the state offers. Montana is home to the largest coal reserves in the country, and opportunities for mine development are considerable.

Entrepreneurs like John P. Baugues Jr. are taking full advantage. Nearly half of America's energy is presently coal-generated, and coal is set to remain a significant and economical energy source for decades still. With Appalachian coal production decreasing, Montana's abundant coal reserves attain heightened importance in any efforts to manage the country's energy strategy and domestic resources. As John Baugues' work shows, the landscape is ripe for investment in Montana coal.
Last year, the opening of the Bull Mountain/Signal Peak coal mine, which was initially developed under John Baugues' aegis, marked Montana's first new mine in thirty years – but there are many more projects in the works. A coal-to-liquids plant and accompanying mine on the Crow Indian Reservation are in development, another 730 million tons of coal near Ashland have been leased to Arch Coal Inc., and John Baugues Jr. himself has partnered with other coal experts to pursue the purchase and development of two rich coal fields in Carbon County.

Montana's significant potential for coal production will continue to attract industry leaders like John Baugues. John Baugues' Bull Mountain/Signal Peak's success is only the beginning.